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WDXB DixieBroadcasting first went “on air” on June 1, 2002 as one of the earliest pioneer Internet radio stations in the world. From the very beginning, it was our desire to provide something positive for Southern Heritage supporters around the world. We’ve been broadcasting 24/7 ever since that day.

From the very first day, WDXB has depended, in part, on the financial support of listeners to keep the station online and growing. Still today we depend on our listeners as we continue to reach new listeners with the message of Southern Heritage.

Much of what DixieBroadcasting was able to accomplish early on was due to the support of our very first title sponsor, Dixie Outfitters, and their founder Dewey Barber.

In 2009, after just seven years on the air, DixieBroadcasting reached the milestone of hitting 1 million listeners since we went on the air in 2002. One of the interesting facts about Internet radio is that the listener metrics are exact, there are no guesses as in terrestrial radio metrics. After that, we just stopped counting as the total listeners to DixieBroadcasting have just continued to pile up year after year.

Along the way, we’ve been a part of making history on a number of occasions including a live broadcast from the burial ceremony of the Hunley Crew in Charleston, SC in April of 2004. DixieBroadcasting also received the “Dixie Defender” award from the national Sons of Confederate Veterans for making the SCV members across America aware of the attempted leadership coup in the organization in 2010 which led to the special called convention in North Carolina that year. WDXB also brought to light the past indiscretions of CIC Charles Kelley Barrow which ultimately led him to agree to not run for a second term in the organization.

Additionally, for seven years straight, DixieBroadcasting hosted the live “Southern Heritage Music Awards” featuring nominees and winners in a number of categories that were voted on directly by our listeners across the country online for an entire month. Each online IP Address was only permitted one vote during the counting. These winners and their music were featured on the website of the Southern Heritage Music Association.

Today, DixieBroadcasting is still breaking ground and attaining new heights in reaching young listeners and turning them on to our Southern Heritage through the use of our Android mobile app that is now free to all.